Speshell is not just a brand, its a movement.
At the heart of all that we are, lies our logo. It connects us to ourselves, to each other, and all that we strive to be.


Like a pineapple, despite your soft and sweet interior, you are strong and can withstand anything. It reminds you that you cannot judge anything based on its appearance, so never let anyones opinion of you shake you or change you. Stay strong and stay confident.


Like a shell, you have inner beauty that spans universes, and you are perfectly unique. Don’t ever try to fit in. Even with an empty space that shows nobody is perfect, you are beautiful despite this.


The Leaves remind you that you have grown and come so far. You should be so proud of that. However, we still all have growing to do, so never stop hustling. Find yourself, find your passion, and follow your heart.


The koru spiral represents your inner development, and the potential for new beginnings and new peace. You decide your future, you create your path, you can do anything you set your mind to.

Team Speshell


I hope through our movement you always remember that we are One. You are never alone. You are strong, beautiful and loved, just as you are.

Cuteness, you are special, so go be your own Speshell self.